221B Con Atlanta GA April 5-7 2019


221B Con is a Sherlock Holmes convention that takes place in Atlanta every year. It was held on April 5-7 of this year at the Atlanta Airport Marriott.

The convention covers everything about Holmes Over the past few years,221B Conhas grown in size each year, with a very loyal following who return each time and new people who go home and spread the word. Many of the panelists are authors either of books. or of “fan-fic,” which is stories written by fans which are very popular online. Others are podcasters, such as the Baker Street Babes and the men who present “Geek Vs.”


This is truly a convention for people who love Sherlock and enjoy using their brains. That is not to say it is not fun, because it is. But there is not an emphasis on cosplay, although it is welcome. Gaming is minimal, although if you ever see a quiz show being presented by Geek Vs. anywhere, including 221B Con, hurry to get involved (the whole audience participates.) It is overall a quieter convention, but deeply satisfying.

Another thing that convention attendees like is acquiring new stuff, and this convention always has a great vendor’s room. It is also a good source of free stuff, or “swag.” This year, for instance, the Tea Room, which is a place to rest during the convention, had many free books, two of my favorite words in the English language!

If you like Sherlock in any form: books, movies, television series, or anything else, you will love 221B Con! See you in Atlanta next year!