CON juration Atlanta GA Nov 15-17 2019

Stepping into CONjuration is like stepping from this world into a similar one that is filled with magic. Not just the obvious kind indicated by the presence of dragons and witches and wizards, but the more subtle kind of instant friendship and mutual understanding, of playing and learning and communing with one another with no angry words

This year, everywhere you looked there was something to see. Vendors selling jewelry, books, and other wonderful things mixed with dragons, unicorns, and a life-sized dinosaur, as well as flying creatures of prehistoric origin in the lobby. There were panels where popular TV and movie characters were sorted into schools as in Harry Potter, and discussions about fantasy and science fiction books and movies.

But there were panels about unexpected things as well. My favorite guest, as always, was a forensic anthropologist who has spent a lot of time digging into prehistoric graves(respectfully.) She told us about “witches”) (she prefers “shaman”) who lived 4,000 years ago and what can be learned about them from their burials. She also told us about the medicinal plants they used as well as those used in rituals and probably for recreational use.

Then there were the birds! The people from Earthquest brought owls and raptors and we actually got to see them fly. There were snakes and other animals too, from the Georgia Reptile Society.

All the time, the air was full of music. There was a lot of the type of Celtic-influenced music you hear at the Renaissance Festival, sometimes mixed with rock as with The Lost Boys and there was classic rock like the Heart tribute group Heartisa.

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On top of all that, there was the Shinobi School, movement artists who entertained with amazing acrobatics, dance and parkour and even the 18+ burlesque (no full nudity involved.)

It is more magical to go to CONjuration than just about anything else you can do. We have been to all six so far and can’t wait to go again next year!


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